Hat Swap City
In-Game NFT Marketplace
Hat Swap City is the first project to gamify the digital asset trading experience. When you log into Hat Swap City, any NFTs of supported blockchains in your wallet will show up in your inventory. You will be able to exchange these NFTs for supported currencies to other players inside the game world. This is the world’s first live-action NFT bazaar.
Users will log into the bazaar, customize their appearance based on the NFTs in their wallet, and go trade with other users for NFTs for any supported video game. Open air markets develop strong community bonds and are one of the cornerstones of successful multiplayer platforms. Various tiers of access will be granted based on held NFTs, rather than subscriptions. Hat Swap will not prioritize development of a “cold air” NFT exchange such as AirNFT or OpenSeas. Instead, an active forum and social media channel for the Hat Swap Bazaar will allow people to post their wares and attract buyers and then transact their deals within the game bazaar. Hat Swap City gamifies the online market experience with speculative mini-games, adventure, and the release of a “trade2earn” system that awards swapping.
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