Hat Swap City
Hat Swap City is fueled by Hatcoin. Use Hatcoin to buy in-game items, rare NFTs, and participate in our play-to-earn games. The City is free to enter for anyone, but to have the richest and most rewarding experience, users will need both Hatcoin and NFTs to maximize their time.
Play-to-Earn mini-games will reward users in Hatcoin, creating a straightforward but enticing gameplay loop to use all of the parts of the city each day.
Citizens of the City need food and drink to survive. Each day, a player has a fixed amount of time to act within the city. To stay there longer, you will need to consume items purchased using Hatcoin. This creates a native demand for Hatcoin. As the playerbase rises, so does the demand on Hatcoin’s supply. When users spend Hatcoin to participate in the Cityverse, the Hatcoin is then rerouted into game reward pools to further incentivize gameplay.
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