Hat Swap City
1. Spawn Room
This mysterious location is where your character logs into the city.
2. Market Plaza
The heart of Hat Swap City, the Market Plaza is an open-air marketplace with cobbled streets, colorful stalls, and a bubbling fountain. Players can congregate here to see what's on the market and make their offers. Inspiration is drawn from the Varrock Market of Runescape.
Ideally, Hat Swap City will have a better chat function than Runescape classic. Nevertheless, this type of player-run market is our desired goal.
3. Bank
The bank is a place to store NFTs and Tokens that the player doesn’t want to have in inventory. (Logistical question, is this necessary with web3 wallet integration)? NPCs are bankers, guards.
4. Tunnel
Every market deserves its own black market. The Tunnel is carved into the edge of the map. It’s a poorly lit chamber filled with roguish characters, boxes leaking strange liquids, and people selling things of questionable legality. Notable NPC is the Shady Swashbuckler.
5. Museum Hall
The Museum Hall is a picturesque building with fancy architecture. Inside, people will go to do business with Art NFTs. A differentiator of the Museum Hall is that, for a price, you can have the NFT you want to sell put on display for all to see.
6. Arena
The Arena is a PvP zone for players of Hat Swap City to fight duels for honor, or NFTs.
7. High-Ticket Display
Every day, the 3 most premium NFTs on the marketplace will go up into the High-Ticket Display. Players will be able to enter bidding pools to speculate on the value and sale date of the NFT.
8. Auto-Bazaar
The Auto-Bazaar lets you turn your character into an NPC shopping booth to sell your NFTs at a fixed price without having to be active and online. You won’t be able to haggle, but you can also get some sleep.
9. The Tavern
The Tavern is a place to buy drinks and play mini-games with your friends. In-game minigames will feature darts, blackjack, and poker.
10. The Rug Merchant
The Rug Merchant operates a stall of colorful rugs. He smiles at you from behind a thick moustache. The rug merchant will sell you expensive rugs of no value. A very small percent of the time, the rug will be an extremely high value Hat NFT.
11. Satoshi Street
This is the Wall Street of Hat Swap City. Go inside Satoshi Street Exchange and make trades on the altcoins of your choice. You’ll be able to load real-time charts from Coinmarketcap.com and execute trades using API connections to PancakeSwap or other DEX.
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